Construction Support Services

Construction Support Services

hardhatsAt Sequence Construction, we work with our clients to understand the unique requirements to develop the appropriate delivery and execution method to meet the objectives associated with a new project. With Sequence Construction Support Services, the project will flow seamlessly through each phase of the project, including; the design, construction execution, qualification and validation processes. We are unique in the industry with our ability to provide the management to oversee a project from inception to turn over to the end user.

The vast experience of our personnel provides great perspective and insight into strategies for implementing practical and compliant solutions pertaining to construction, commissioning and integration of control systems, facility start up, equipment qualification, and process validation. In addition, we guarantee efficient construction execution and facility qualification consistent with the evolving harmonized regulatory framework around risk and science-based approaches to regulatory compliance. Our clients across the US, Canada, and beyond benefit from our industry-leading approach of construction, commissioning, and qualification tailored around planning, management, document generation, and project execution. We are committed to construction of cGMP compliant projects with a quality mindset designed into our process by aligning with our client partners to ensure compliance of their regulated facilities.

Our Construction Support Services

Sequence stands ready to share our team’s expertise in delivering cost-effective and practical construction solutions to your organization. We will support each phase of the project, including; the design, planning, construction execution, commissioning, qualification, and validation processes where we can provide the management to oversee a project life cycle from inception through validation.


All required engineering performed by associated entity, Sequence Engineering, PLLC (P-1394)

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