Sequence, Inc. was founded in March of 2002 by Mike Putnam of Raleigh, NC. The first project Sequence performed was a manufacturing computer system validation effort at Bayer Biologicals in Clayton, NC. Within months, the level of service provided on this first project led to requests for additional resources to work on numerous other validation efforts.

Sequence’s ability to manage and execute multiple validation projects while integrating ourselves with our client’s team allowed us to build a partner-like relationship with Bayer Biologicals. That type of relationship is what we at Sequence continue to strive for with each of our clients.

Nationwide Consulting for Regulated Industries

In 2003, Sequence added four additional consultants as well as a second client, DSM Pharmaceuticals in Greenville, NC. The quick growth of Sequence as an emerging leader in the validation service industry continued in 2004, as several major pharmaceutical manufacturers were added to our client list.

However, 2005 proved to be the break-out year for Sequence as numerous consultants were hired, clients were acquired, and the company headquarters was established in Raleigh, NC. That growth has continued ever since, bringing Sequence to over 150 full-time consultants and 50+ of the world’s leading drug and device manufacturers.

From Validation to Full-Service Quality & Compliance Services

Today, Sequence, Inc. is quickly becoming an industry leader in quality and compliance services. Although validation continues to remain a significant part of our service offerings, we now also provide project management services, software configuration and administration, internal/external quality auditing, development of new quality systems, remediation services, process optimization and much more.

To learn more about Sequence, Inc. or to reach a specific business unit, please contact us online or give us a call at 855-844-7171.

Sequence, Inc. is proud to provide quality and regulatory compliance solutions to clients in the Raleigh-Durham , Boston, and Colorado areas, as well as throughout the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West Coast, Puerto Rico and Canada. We also serve various international clients.