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Discoverant is a Process Management Informatics (PMI) application created by Dassault Systemes (formerly Accelrys\Aegis) that delivers real-time access, analysis and reporting of manufacturing and process development data by integrating investigational analysis with a unique data modeling technology.

Regulated industries worldwide have used Discoverant to transform their regulated facility’s process development, process execution and process informatics.

PMI Software Training & Related Services at Sequence, Inc.

At Sequence, Inc., we provide comprehensive PMI software installation and integration services.

With our new training lab in Raleigh, NC, we will also be able to offer a simulated, hands-on client environment featuring Discoverant and several additional manufacturing systems, automation systems, and much more. Our customers will be able to use the facility to try out the Discoverant software in person, as well as learn how it can be used to meet their unique industry applications.

In addition to installation, integration and training, we offer a full-service application support center for Discoverant and various other products.

Maintain Operational Excellence With Discoverant

To maintain a compliant operation, Discoverant delivers the data and results you need to achieve operational excellence. Contact Sequence, Inc. today to learn more about Discoverant and other PMI technologies you can use to improve new product development and commercial manufacturing.

Interested in Discoverant support in the Raleigh-Durham area? Give us a call at 855-844-7171 — our support engineers are standing by to assist you.

Sequence, Inc. is proud to offer Discoverant, a leading software application offering powerful process management data reporting and analysis, to clients in Raleigh-Durham, Boston, and beyond. We serve the Northeast, Southeast, West Coast, Midwest, Puerto Rico and Canada as well as various international clients.

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