Microbiology Testing

Sequence, Inc. offers cGMP-compliant laboratory services to support your microbiological testing needs. Our dedicated laboratory staff is experts in utilizing the latest technology and rapid methodology in order to provide you with accurate and compliant results within the turnaround times you expect. At Sequence, Inc., we can provide you with testing that is personalized to your specific needs at prices that won’t break your budget.

Out Testing Services Include: 

Microbial Identifications

Sequence, Inc. can support all of your identification needs using cutting-edge MALDITOF technology to obtain species-level identifications. Let our fully trained and knowledgeable staff help you get a handle on the organisms isolated within your facility’s manufacturing processes.

Qualified Instrumentation:
• VITEK® 2 Compact

VITEK® MS SuperSpectra Generation
Do you need to add organisms to your VITEK® MS database? Our expert staff can also help you customize your MS RUO database.

Bioburden Detection
Using the bioMérieux BacT/ALERT® 3D instrument platform, Sequence, Inc. is able to utilize the most advanced, innovative microbial growth and detection technology to save you time in the detection of microbial
contamination in your samples.

Validation and Other Services
• Laboratory instrument and equipment qualification
• Method validation
• Method development
• BacT/ALERT® 3D feasibility studies
• Monitoring solutions for laboratory equipment

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