Monitoring Solutions

Sequence, Inc. provides scalable and customizable monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, particle-counting, and open/close relays for your specific needs. Whether you have a cold chain drug product, controlled incubators containing your critical stability samples, low-temperature freezers containing valuable cell banks or biologics, refrigerators used for day-to-day laboratory operations, or warehouse space requiring continuous monitoring, our Sequence Monitoring Center is capable of providing personalized, around-the-clock support to ensure your product/materials are maintained under your specified conditions.

Monitoring Capabilities:

  • Cold Chain Drug Product at Professional Sales Representatives’ Homes
  • Cold Chain Drug Product Shipments
  • Stability Chambers
  • Laboratory Incubators, Refrigerators, and Freezers
  • Environmental Conditioned Areas
  • Manufacturing Floors
  • Blood Banks
  • Plasma Donor Centers
  • Food Storage
  • Cargo
  • Data Centers
  • Warehouse Space
  • Compressor Runtimes
  • Power Interruption
  • Differential Pressure
  • Contact Relays

Our Services:

The Sequence Monitoring Center supports clients around the world and is experienced in the installation, configuration, calibration, validation, quality oversight, alarm trending and continuous monitoring support of your product, equipment, and facility. Through our client-dedicated support module, our 24-hour call center, and our ability to provide vendor management, quality oversight, and remediation, we are able to provide our clients a complete turnkey solution for monitoring support and compliance, no matter where the client is located around the globe.

Proudly serving the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West Coast, Puerto Rico and Canada, as well as various international clients. Contact us today at 855-844-7171 to learn more about our monitoring solution and other services.

 “Sequence has been, withoua shadow of a doubt, the most customer-centered company with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work.”  – Director, LinkedIn

“Compliance and Data is critical to our business.  Sequence understands that the right data management solution must fit our business needs as well as our compliance strategy.” – Sr. Manager, LinkedIn

  Sequence took our vision and with the most amazing teamwork strategies I have ever witnessed turned it into a viable reality.” – Sr. Manager, LinkedIn

“Thank you for the amazing efforts of your most innovative and hardworking staff.” – VP, LinkedIn