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Sequence provides scalable and customizable monitoring solutions for laboratories, manufacturing areas, warehouses, and cold chain shipping logistics management. Whether you have controlled incubators containing your critical stability samples, low temperature freezers containing valuable cell banks or biologics, critical warehouse storage, or temperature-sensitive shipments to manage, Sequence can provide a personalized solution with a turn-key implementation.

Monitoring Capabilities

Cold Chain Logistics Ultra-Low Freezer Differential Pressure Particle Counts
Ambient Temperature/Humidity Cryogenic Freezers Oxygen Open/Close
Stability Chambers Ovens (Up to 1200°C) CO2 4-20 mV Relay
Location (Cellular Triangulation) Light Occurrence Shock/Vibration


Monitoring Services 


ISO 17025 Calibration for Temperature, Humidity and Pressure. Full IOPQ Validation Documentation and Execution. User and Administrative SOP’s On-site Installation, Calibration, Training and Support

Technical Support

  • Remote Training
  • Software Support
  • Admin Support
  • Investigation and Audit Support


Our Solutions

Sequence works alongside our clients to help determine monitoring system requirements for specific applications. Sequence will work with our monitoring partners and implement a turn-key solution that includes installation and configuration of sensors, users, setting alarm values, SOP creation, and system validation. Sequence will also manage the system’s calibration and maintenance, perform operator and administrative training, and provide technical support through a dedicated hotline. Sequence technicians are expertly trained in monitoring principles and systems to ensure success and peace of mind.


“Compliance and Data is critical to our business.  Sequence understands that the right data management solution must fit our business needs as well as our compliance strategy.”  – LinkedIn

Director, Anonymous

JRI MySirius is a wireless monitoring solution with IoT connectivity 

Connected Sensors & Monitoring System to Meet Your Quality Needs

The cloud-based temperature monitoring solution is adapted to a wide range of applications:

Monitoring of storage area: warehouses, cold rooms, thermostatic or climatic chambers, fridges, freezers, incubators, etc.

Monitoring during transport: vehicles, containers, isothermal bags, etc.

The LoRa® SPY range of wireless sensors equipped with LoRaWAN long-range technology ensures tracking temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters and allows to monitor storage areas scattered over a large territory and perform real-time monitoring during transport.

Data loggers and sensors can be managed via any type of terminal: PC, tablet, smartphone…large territory and perform real-time monitoring during transport.

JRI MySirius can be integrated with a third-party systems via API.


Key Benefits

Cold chain monitoring expert, JRI develops wireless temperature monitoring systems to help Healthcare, Food Safety and HVAC sectors to be compliant with current regulations (ISO 17025, GMP, GLP, FDA 21, CFR part 11, HACCP…). Our temperature data loggers also monitor humidity and many other parameters through universal transmitter inputs.




Laboratory & Facility Monitoring

Labguard 3DTM by bioMérieux is a server-based continuous monitoring platform that monitors many physical parameters within your facility’s laboratory, manufacturing, stability, and warehouse areas.

Key Benefits

Wireless point of use transmitters, Ethernet receivers, 21CFR Part 11 compliant, corporate license, no annual fee for users/license, validation lifecycle package available for fast implementation, LDAP availability, on-site calibrations, user friendly software for quick trending analysis and excursion investigations, text and email alarms, dedicated technical support hotline.

Cold Chain & Warehouse Monitoring


Controlant is a cold chain and warehouse management platform where you can gain real-time end-to-end digital visibility, enhanced efficiency, and ROI with intelligent Cold-Chain-as-a-Service (CHaaS) solutions. Controlant uses an intelligent cloud-powered software platform with next generation rechargeable sensors that measure temperature, humidity, light, chock/vibration, Geo-fencing, and location.
Key Benefits

On demand, end-to-end visibility over your supply chain, including real-time data and prescriptive analytics, via web-enabled, user permission software platform. Professional and managed services, including on-boarding and dedicated support, 24/7 response, and reverse logistics handling. 21 CR Part 11 compliant. Integrates with your API.

Controlant Phamplet

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