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Through our certified partnership with BIOVIA, industry’s leading scientific software provider, Sequence is proud to offer integration and administration support for enterprise lab management solutions including Electronic Lab Notebook, Laboratory Execution System, and LIMS.


Electronic Laboratory Notebook is an enterprise ELN designed to help multiple scientific disciplines transition from tedious paper and manual processes to a highly efficient and integrated electronic environment in non-GxP and GxP labs. More than a simple replacement for paper notebooks, BIOVIA ELN efficiently manages the flow of information, tasks and materials among scientists, software and instruments within and between labs—improving  personal productivity, collaboration and collective intelligence. When combined  with BIOVIA Lab Execution System (LES), the BIOVIA ELN provides a unique and optimal environment for rapidly  optimizing and  validating methods and recipes for compliant quality operations.


Improve efficiency and collaboration with the BIOVIA ELN:


  • Automate and accelerate data entry, processing and reporting
  • Minimize data errors
  • Protect intellectual property (IP)
  • 181509652Gain operational and experimental insight through improved knowledge management
  • Integrate and automate instrument data capture and processing
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
  • Implement consistent processes across organizations
  • Improve collaboration across multiple scientific disciplines—from research to product release


BIOVIA ELN has helped organizations to:


  • Aggregate data, experience, and context to fuel insights and gain predictive control over key processes
  • Facilitate collaboration between medicinal, analytical, and process chemists and with outsourced partners
  • Eliminate paper-based workflows in validated environments and save 50% on documentation time
  • Shave 25% off time spent documenting experiments. Save thousands  of dollars per year
  • Leverage prior work by cloning 50% of experiments. Improve IP quality and utility
  • Implement “green chemistry” processes to reduce waste


Laboratory Execution System is the leading LES system for QA/QC operations. Nine of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies use BIOVIA LES within GxP operations and for supporting Regulatory submissions. LES delivers transformational productivity for QA/QC labs supporting common workflows such as material testing for recipes, stability testing, product release testing and post-release quality testing.


BIOVIA LES enables clients to:


  • Remove paper process and automate the interaction with methods, instruments, and supplies
  • Eliminate based  inefficiencies
  • Liberate resources to improve capacity
  • Eliminate transcription and calculation errors that are common in paper notebooks and logbooks
  • Accelerate reporting and review cycles.


BIOVIA LIMS is an entirely new execution-centric approach to LIMS implementation. BIOVIA LIMS is purpose-built to manage 21st-century product and process informatics requirements with a specific focus on scale-up, manufacturing and compliance. The process and execution-driven approach to LIMS deployment is fundamentally different from the sample-driven approach of traditional LIMS. This new paradigm eliminates the complexities, excessive customization and lengthy associated validation requirements inherent with legacy LIMS – offering fast, “out-of-the-box” deployment capabilities, no custom coding, easy integration into existing software platforms and enterprise-wide data management  capabilities. The result is streamlined deployments, a substantially lower total cost of ownership and rapid time to value.


BIOVIA LIMS offers modules for:


  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • Metrology and Calibration Management
  • Sample and Specification Management
  • Stability Study Management
  • Work Request Management


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