Laboratory Informatics

Sequence Inc will assess your business/ laboratory process and/or regulatory requirements to provide solution(s) for either a custom or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) lab informatics system. We can recommend solutions in a phase-based approach for gains in data efficiency, modeling, and security throughout your system’s entire lifecycle.

Development / Deployment / Enhancement / Upgrade Services:

Project Management – Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. In order to attain success with system delivery, effective Project Management is essential.

Business Analysis – Requirements are the core of the Business Analyst’s role. Business analysis requirements management – one of the core skills of business analysts. Developing technical solutions to business problems, or to advance a company’s sales efforts, begins with defining, analyzing and documenting requirements.

Technical Development – Sequence can provide a wide array of technical expertise in the design, function, and development of your lab informatics system.

Workflow/Process Development – Improving the workflow for the end user is the cornerstone for increasing system adoption and utilization. Visual workflows enable the end user to have a guided method execution through their work process as it develops. 

Configuration – Configuration is generally defined as tailoring a solution utilizing the COTS vendor’s tools and templates.  Examples of configuration tasks include the definition of user profiles and users, data elements such as sample types, tests, templates, spreadsheet, workflows, business rules, and event triggers.

Customization – Modification of the system through programming.  Examples of customization include the development of new functional components, extension of system functions, and programmatic interfaces to instruments and other systems.

Data Migration – Lab informatics systems are driven by data and can be both static system data and historical data.  Data migration can be accomplished manually or programmatically, or a hybrid approach. Sequence will assess your data migration needs, and determine the use of automated, programmatic tools while employing manual methods if needed.

Validation – Sequence has its roots in validation and compliance. Our computer system validation (CSV) consultants have extensive industry experience in applying regulations to deliver top-tier services, reducing the amount of risk involved in your project, saving your business time, and delivering higher value.

Training – One of the most important aspects of consulting services is providing end users, super users, and administrators with continuous support with regards to training. Training is not just a regulatory and/or business requirement, but also a way to ensure your business is using a system as it was designed, yielding efficient outcomes and cost reductions.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support Services:

System Administration – System administration supports the day to day operations of a system from user maintenance to data archiving, as well as change management activities required to maintain and grow your system’s metadata.

Static Data Builds, Configuration and Validation/Verification – System development activities such as the creation of or updates to analyses, sample plans, specifications, batch templates, and list management are just a few of the ongoing activities Sequence consultants provide.

Experiment Workbook Templates, Parsing Scripts, Subroutines, Printers, Reports, etc. – Some tools in your lab informatics solutions require additional skill sets to enhance the customizable needs of your business. These business and/or lab needs usually require SQL coding, application basic, and/or knowledge of platform infrastructure in order to deliver functionality.

Instrument Interfacing and System Integration – Interfacing your instruments or external data systems will reduce transcription errors, increase data quality and security while simultaneously improving your productivity, effectiveness, and bottom line.

Application Expertise

LIMS – LabWare LIMS, STARLIMS, Thermo Scientific LIMS (SampleManager, Nautilus), LabVantage (LV6, SQL*LIMS), BIOVIA LIMS

ELN – LabWare ELN, STARLIMS ELN, Agilent OpenLAB ELN, LabVantage eNotebook, BIOVIA SmartLab ELN & LES

CDS – Waters (Millennium 32, Empower 2, Empower 3), Thermo Scientific (Atlas, Chromeleon), Agilent (OpenLAB EZChrom, OpenLAB Chemstation)

SDMS – Waters NuGenesis, Agilent OpenLAB ECM, STARLIMS SDMS, Thermo Scientific Data Manager

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“Compliance and Data is critical to our business.  Sequence understands that the right data management solution must fit our business needs as well as our compliance strategy.” – Sr. Manager, LinkedIn

  Sequence took our vision and with the most amazing teamwork strategies I have ever witnessed turned it into a viable reality.” – Sr. Manager, LinkedIn

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